Returnee Policy

Somalia welcomes and supports Somalis around the world that want to return back home keeping in mind the interest of Somalia’s national security. The Federal Government understands the importance of the Diaspora coming back and investing in their country. A country is built on sacrifices, and Somalia is significantly improving by Diasporas returning and sacrificing for their nation.

Migration is a global challenge which must be resolved with various developmental tools. Illegal migration poses great risks to both Somali citizens and their families and has caused much heartbreak to too many already.

Many Somalis live across the world enjoying the rights citizenship of their adopted countries. The vast majority of the Somali Diaspora are well integrated into their new societies and are contributing positively to both their adopted homes and societies and Somalia.

The Somali Federal Government welcomes the voluntary return of Somali citizens wishing to resettle but in the case of involuntary returnees, the Government has produced a Cabinet approved Policy Paper which seeks to safeguard the security gains made in Somalia while upholding the Human rights of citizens and the returnees themselves.

The Returnees Policy stresses that while progress in Somalia is clearly occurring in all forms, there is still much to be done to create the conducive security and social environment to make involuntary returns possible.